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“Finally, you hit ‘publish’.

The blog post you’ve spent hours polishing, making sure everything is perfect, is complete.

Now you wait. One day. Then two. A week goes by, but only one or two people have seen your post. You poured your heart and soul into that post, but the result is disappointing.

It can be disheartening when no one pays attention to your work. A few views can make you doubt your ability to write.

But you know what? Every great blogger started out like that.

Their first few posts might have been read by no one but friends and loved ones. But they kept going. They wrote and published daily—until millions of readers began to tune in and devour all that they had to say.

The lesson here is to give yourself time to hone your writing skills. Make writing your daily habit and write a lot. Because the more you write, the better you get. The more you publish, the more people will take notice.

But there is more to why you should make writing your daily habit even if no one pays attention. These reasons alone help shape you into the writer, no, the person, you are and where you’re likely to end up in your writing career.

I’d like to share with you eight compelling reasons to keep writing when you feel like giving up.”

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Done For You Blog Says: The key sentence in this article is this one: “Every great blogger started out like that.” Meaning, every great blogger that’s great now was not always great. You’re just seeing them now after they’ve put in the hard work when no one was reading their posts, listening to their podcasts or watching their YouTube videos. Write consistently now when there’s little or no traffic to your site and you get the opportunity to improve yourself before the real traffic starts to build. This is a great article that will build your confidence and motivate you to stick with it, even when you don’t “feel” like it.