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“Words are the atomic unit of the internet.

With the stroke of a pen, you can build your network, improve your thinking, and create opportunities for yourself.

Until now, the internet has connected us with people in our past. But writing online connects you with the people in your future. As Derek Sivers once wrote: “The coolest people I meet are the ones who find me through something I’ve written.”

Writing online is a guaranteed way to shrink the world. A well-written article can change your life because the internet rewards people who think well. Each post is an advertisement for the kinds of people and opportunities you want to attract, and if you have a voice, you can build a platform.

In any field, the most successful people double as writers. Chefs write recipes, comedians write jokes, and entrepreneurs write business plans. The examples are endless.

Writing is like weightlifting for the brain. Just as you’ll improve your food diet if you start cooking, you’ll improve your information diet if you start writing. Testing the limits of your ideas is the fastest way to improve them and raise your intelligence.”

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Done For You Blog Says: My favorite line: “Writing is like weightlifting for the brain.” If you’ve ever lived in fear of an empty white page/screen, this article will change your thinking about that. Instead of fear, think of it as an opportunity to clear your mind and “re-think” by re-writing till what you’ve written is crystal clear so that you can teach that to others. I got more out of this free article than from most paid courses on writing. Highly recommended.