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“You can run into the most amazing and interesting blog on the web, only to find out it’s a chore to navigate. When it comes to websites, good content alone doesn’t make for success – the entire experience needs to be enjoyable.

Think about your blog as a library. It needs to be inviting, easy to move through, and contain all the resources your readers are looking for. To tick all those boxes, you need a user-friendly WordPress blog.

In this article, we’re going to discuss precisely what ‘user-friendly’ means. Then we’ll go over five tips to help you create a WordPress blog that’s a joy to use. Let’s get to it!”

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Done For You Blog Says: Some very good tips here. I liked #4, creafting blog posts for skimmers. I’m one of those, so I’m more likely to spend more time on the post if there are clear divisions of sections. I have one blog that I visit that just irritates me because they have long run-on paragraphs. Their content is very good, but the layout is terrible.