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“We often talk about being a great writer. But most great writers are also great editors, because chances are their first drafts were far from perfect.

So here’s how to be a great editor of your own work and have people think you’re a great writer, too.

Step 1. Plan what you’re going to write

Okay, so this isn’t technically part of the editing process. But planning what you’re going to talk about before you start writing will make the editing process a lot easier. It’s far easier to set up a good structure at the beginning than to rearrange entire paragraphs later on to try and create one.

I usually start by creating an outline of the content I’m creating. I write down the main points I want to cover, and then arrange them into a structure so I can easily segue from one point to the next and take the reader on a journey.

At the stage everything is quite analytical and logical.

But once I have my outline, I can switch to being more creative because I no longer have to think about the structure. I simply follow my outline.

Sometimes a new idea will pop into my head while I’m writing the content. When that happens, I take a step back and see if it will fit into the structure I’ve created. If it can, then I’ll add it to my outline and get back to writing. And if it doesn’t, then I make a note of it (in case I can use it in a future post) and get back to the writing.”

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Done For You Blog Says: In an ideal world, you’d simply sit down and within a short time, have a ready-to-publish blog post that’s perfect the first time. In the real world, we edit. But wait! That’s not a bad thing. Editing gives you time to create the best article you can produce which in turn, satisfies your reader and makes them more likely to keep coming back for more. It’s just the way our brains work. Churn out the raw material from your brain and don’t look back. Then when you’re done with that part, go back and fine tune it with the tips from this article. It’s like magic!