Parker Williams - Done For You Blog Owner

Hi. My name is Dairrell Ham.

That's my real name and yes,  it really is spelled like that.

So if you ever contact me and misspell my name, you're in good company. Friends and family sometimes misspell it too.

I don't mind. It is an odd spelling. Goes with my personality I guess. 🙂

(When my wife orders stuff from the local meat market, I go there and tell them that Ham is here to pick up Turkey and Steak. Sounds like a ride-share for meat products.)

My nieces and nephews don't call me Uncle Dork for nothing.

It's darn near impossible to segue from Uncle Dork to what Done For You Blog is about so why even try?

Here it is in a nutshell:

I create awesome-looking blogs that are ready to go so that you can hit the ground running.

I also curate and organize information about doing business online so that you can easily find what you need to know.

If you've already visited my Done For You Custom Blog page, you know that I've built over 300 blogs for my customers and for a well-known online marketer who offers the service to his own customers.

I've been doing this for many years so I know what I'm doing. That speeds things up for you and frees you from having to go through the learning curve of all the things necessary to get a blog built the right way.

It bugs me when people spend too much time and money trying to figure out all the moving parts themselves. You need to get your business launched and make money. Let me do the nerd stuff and do it faster than you can do it yourself.

But Done For You Blog is not only a blog-building service.

It's also an information center for helping you to build your online business faster and smarter.

I read a lot of articles, watch videos and listen to podcasts to learn more about doing business online. Then I share the best of what I find here on Done For You Blog.

I also give away a lot of free stuff to help you learn more about online business in manageable micro reports that are easy to read and won't overwhelm you. Others have helped me along the way, so I want to give back and help you too.

Got questions about blogging, online business or just want to know if hot dogs are really good for you? Head over to my Ask the Fast Start Guy page and shoot me a question. I'll answer you by email and maybe post your question for others to learn from. (Don't worry... I won't reveal your name or your email address.)

Well, this is the part of the About page where I try to be clever and leave you with a tingle in your spine, or reveal something very personal about myself. I can't think of anything that would tingle you, and the only personal thing I can reveal about myself is that I've never had a hot dog in my life. (I do like a hot dog bun with just mustard, onions and relish though.)