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Readability Score: What It Is, Why It’s Important, & How to Get a Good One on Every Post

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“In general, it’s how easy to read your content is. Sounds obvious, right? But because people read at different levels, what a Master’s student considers readable is different than what a freshman in high school does….Continue Reading →

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Learn to Write Better (And Why You Should Want To)

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“Few skills will get you as far as being able to put together a coherent and compelling sentence. String enough of them together, and you’ll be able to write amazing project proposals, produce engaging marketing…Continue Reading →

Continue Reading – Quick and Easy User Testing for Your Website or App

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Userfeel is a usability testing tool that gives you videos of real users speaking their thoughts as they use your website or app. Userfeel was designed and developed by Usability Researchers for Usability Researchers but…Continue Reading →

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Smart Podcast Player Lets You Capture Your Listeners’ Email Addresses

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“The Smart Podcast Player is the only customizable web-based player designed to make binge listening easy—while keeping listeners on your website. And while the full player puts the focus on your archive, the individual player—we…Continue Reading →

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How to Check If Your WordPress Blog Posts Are Ranking for the Right Keywords

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“Do you want to check if your WordPress posts are ranking for the right keywords? Most beginners manually check rankings for their articles by typing keywords in Google. This does not give you an accurate…Continue Reading →

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Thrive Apprentice – Drag and Drop Course Builder Plugin for WordPress

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So you need a way to add content to your membership site, keep that content organized, and help your members keep track of their progress. That’s what the Thrive Apprentice plugin does. It features drag…Continue Reading →

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Post Gopher – Converts Your WordPress Blog Posts and Pages into Downloadable PDF Books

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Have you ever been on a blog post and you think, “I’d really like to read this but I don’t have time right now”? I have, and I also think, I’ll read this later. Of…Continue Reading →

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Ringr – Record Long Distance Interviews and Have it Sound Like You’re in the Same Room

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One of the challenges of doing podcasts, online audio interviews is getting good clear audio. What good is it if you have a great subject and an engaging interview, but your listeners are distracted by…Continue Reading →

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WordPress Plugins for Managing Your Own Affiliate Program

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If you have a WordPress site and you’re wanting to launch an affiliate program, how will you do it? Your two main options are to do it yourself or use a third-party system like ClickBank,…Continue Reading →

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50 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts

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“Companies are defined today by their unique story. Anyone can sell a product but why buy that product over another? Creating radio spots and billboard ads are not enough in today’s consumer centric marketplace to…Continue Reading →

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