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“You’ve just designed the perfect form that’s going to hook your leads like fish at the end of a line, and you’re ready to reel them in.

But what happens when the responses come flooding in? Who’s going to end up with the task of copying and pasting all those leads from your forms to your Salesforce, e-mail list, or even Trello?

With Zapier and a quality WordPress form plugin you can automagically categorize the data captured by your site and share it with over 1200 other applications.

Zapier makes it easy to integrate your WordPress forms with over a thousand web apps.

Sounds difficult and super technical, right? Zapier provides this level of integration to users with almost no skill. And in this post we’ll look at what Zapier is, how to setup and test your first zap, and how to integrate your WordPress form with Salesforce or any of the +1200 web apps built to work with Zapier. So let’s dive in!”

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Done For You Blog Says: Fair warning, this can be a little on the techy side. But it’s a way to bridge the gap when your form isn’t doing the job you want it to do. (Zapier can do lots of other things too, but this article focuses on form integrations.)