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“Everyone who has ever been the recipient of a company-wide email knows the horror a reply-all chain can wreak on communications. Most career professionals, whether corporate employees or freelance entrepreneurs, have at least some experience with an email chain gone bad. In other words, we’ve all seen someone use bad email etiquette.

It’s hard to avoid. Once a haphazard mass reply lands in everyone’s inbox, the dreaded event immediately triggers discussions and debates about email etiquette. When should you BCC, CC, or Reply-All, anyway?

The thing is, all these functions are useful when used correctly. But, it’s important to understand the etiquette and politics involved when you do so. Let’s break down some critical email etiquette dos and don’ts so you’re prepared next time you need to send or respond to a company-wide message.”

Read the whole thing here.
Done For You Blog Says: One of my pet peeves, for sure. It’s bad enough when well-meaning friends or family do this and expose your email address to everyone in a group email (unless it was meant for all to see), but there’s no excuse to do this in a business situation. There’s also good information here about using “Reply All”. That one can lead to some very awkward situations.