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“With 70,000,000+ emails from 18,000+ customers on SendFox, we’ve researched and analyzed the TOP email marketing trends.

What makes emails great, what tings the BEST senders do, and more.

Here’s what we found…

Gmail: The Email Standard for Email Users

The graph above shows our users’ domain breakdown. Gmail is hands-down the most popular option with our customers.

Gmail is dominating the market and has become the email standard for email users.

Knowing this will help you improve your deliverability. ”

Done For You Blog Says: SendFox, a member of the AppSumo family, is a fairly new player on the email marketing scene. But they’ve grown quickly to over 18,000 customers by offering a very easy-to-use email autoresponder/services app that offers a free service to start with for new online marketing entrepreneurs. Their insight into top email marketing trends is valuable, with suggestions on which days of the week to avoid, and what time of day is best to send your email marketing message. Well worth the read.