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“Last week we talked about to getting the word out about your blog so people will visit. This week I want to talk about the next stage of warming them up and turning them into raving fans: getting them interested when they do visit.

You only to have to look at your bounce rates in Google Analytics to see how often people visit your blog and then leave. And that’s a shame, because chances are you  a lot of time and energy into creating your content. So you need to quickly give them a reason to stick around.

The tips I’ll be sharing are focused mainly on those first-time readers who don’t know about your brand and have visited your blog before. I’ll be showing you how to grab their attention, get them interested in what you’re doing, and show them that what you’re doing is relevant to them.”

Read the whole thing here.
Done For You Blog Says: First time visitors can turn into regular visitors and customers, so their first visit to your site can make all the difference. I know, common sense, right? But you wouldn’t know it from many of the sites you see out there. Guess they haven’t read Darren’s article yet…
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