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“So basically caching, and there’s different types of cache we’re gonna go through them, but most of the time when someone’s referring to caching, or clearing your cache, they’re probably talking about the server level cache. And so there’s different types or things that go into it, but essentially, high level overview.

A WordPress website out of the box can load kinda slow because every time you load a page, it has to go to the database to check and get the most recent content, make sure that they have the content and then it builds it dynamically on the fly.

Where when you install some sort of caching plugin, whether it’s a plugin itself or at the server level, then it will essentially take a copy of that page, so once the page loads once, it’ll take a copy of it, and then the next time that someone else visits that page, it’s gonna show them the copy instead of having to go and build the live one. And so that makes it load a lot quicker than having to go to the database on every single page load.”

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Done For You Blog Says: Not the most exciting thing you’ll read all day, but still an important tip to know. One of the first things I ask clients who are having an issue with their site, “Have you cleared the cache? The browser cache? The server cache?” You’d be surprised how often that simple task can clear up a problem.