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“I have a terrible habit of checking my spam folder every day – I don’t trust my spam filter to weed out only the worst of the worst; I feel that there’s something worthwhile under the heaps of transfer money requests and strangers mentioning how they were happy to see me last night. I’m usually right, too – at least once a week I uncover a little bit of gold among the rubble.

Spam filters are pretty great at keeping the rubbish out of your main inbox, but they’re sometimes so good that they sweep away valuable emails, too. Don’t let your emails get confused with junk – most people don’t even bother with their spam folder, so your painstakingly crafted email or newsletter will go on undiscovered forever.”

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Done For You Blog Says: I get one newsletter by email where the author uses the term “potatoes” instead of money. He’s conditioned his list to know that “potatoes” is a reference to money/dollars/cash so as to not anger the spam gods. It’s pretty funny and effective, because I automatically translate “potatoes” into “money” in my brain, making me think more about it.