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“It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve bought so many courses and educational resources over the past year… I need to stop learning and start taking action. I’ll come back once I’ve made some progress.”

This is one of the most common things we hear in exit surveys when our customers cancel their Fizzle membership. The principle behind these responses is quite sound — in order to build a business that supports your family, you have to balance learning and action.

You’ll never be able to stop learning entirely, but you also cannot focus exclusively on learning. This brings up an important question: when should learning stop and action begin? And what’s the relation between the two?

Why we love learning so much

Before we get into the answer to that question, let’s talk about the reality of why we spend so much time “learning” when we know action is more important. There are two main reasons we torture ourselves with the endless pursuit of knowledge without ever making any real progress:

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Done For You Blog Says: I don’t know why online marketers seem to be more guilty of this than other professions, but I know I’ve been guilty of this as well. Learning is necessary of course, but at what point do you have enough knowledge before you take action? That’s the key. Just in time learning saves you time and moves you forward faster into the action phase, which is where the success is really at.