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“Are you ever confronted with the problem of finding enough time to do everything you’d like to do as an entrepreneur? Do you battle to focus on just one task and find yourself working on several things simultaneously, just to realize that you have not been productive at the end of the day?

A common problem many new entrepreneurs experience is trying to start their business on the side while still doing another full-time job. Is it possible to sustain your energy levels in these circumstances?

Today on the show we are joined by Fizzle team members, Aiden Fishbein and Jen Rao, who share some of the valuable lessons they have learned in starting a new business while still managing a day job. Why is the standard advice from the many talking heads out there not always viable? How do I cope with my entrepreneurial aspirations and taxing full-time work?

Aiden and Jen advise listeners on finding the type of employment that allows you to preserve your energy and creativity for your own endeavor, explaining in more detail why minimal viable employment is what you should be aiming for.”

Listen to the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: It’s easy to day dream about your dream business. It’s quite another to do the actual work to make it happen, especially if you’ve been at work and now you’re at home drained of energy. You’ll be amazed at what you can do if your dream is great enough.