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“There is a dangerous trend in online business that can rob you of your opportunity to succeed, rob you of your money, and rob you of your time.

If you have fallen prey to this bad idea, you need to know it’s not your fault.

You also need to know that going down this wrong road is not a deal killer.

You can still succeed online, even if you have been a victim of this wrong strategy. I have clients who are succeeding who were trapped in this wrong idea for years.

The problem is having too many sites.”

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Done For You Blog Says: I have a customer who has 8 sites, all in the same health niche. I recently advised her to create one site that brands herself and her name as an expert in her field, and then consolidate all of the sites under the one branded one, using categories to break up the content for her visitors. The time saving for her is enormous, having to manage only one site instead of multiple ones. Great article by good friend Charlie Page.