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“An email signature is perhaps the most neglected opportunity in business communications. A well-designed email signature gives you one last chance to provide information or even a call to action. If your email signature is designed well it will make you look more professional and it can lead to more conversions.

Email signatures can open opportunities to connect on social networks, show a book or article, create a call to action, and provide all of the best contact information in one place. If they’re designed well they can make you money. In this article, we’ll look at how to write a professional email signature that converts.”

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Done For You Blog Says: You’d be amazed at how many email messages I get from so-called “top marketers” who don’t have an email signature in their messages. I’m on a lot of lists, so I sometimes forget why I’m on that list or who that person is. A signature that describes your business and who you are may save you a lot of unsubscribes.