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“Imagine you open your inbox to find you have twelve new emails, including several marketing ones.

You open one from your employer about an upcoming work event, then glance at one from your kid’s school. Maybe you like the $10-off coupon being advertised in its subject line from your favorite Asian joint, so you open that one as well. But the chances that you’ll look at any of the other marketing emails are slim to none.

Statistically, you’ll delete the others without a second glance.

Seventy-five percent of all emails are never even opened, and only 15 percent of marketing emails are. But there is good news! When it’s a welcome email, the statistic rises to 35–50 percent. It’s also five times more likely that someone will click through a welcome email than any other kind of marketing email. If you do things right, you stand to make a great impression on potential customers!

Here is some advice on writing a killer email that not only grabs the attention of the recipient but keeps them coming back for more:”

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Done For You Blog Says: I know some well-known marketers that could use advice from this article. For one, make sure your readers know who the email is from and why they’re getting it. Don’t assume your people know who you are and why they did something, like subscribing to your newsletter or joining your membership. People are much more distracted now…