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“9 years.

That’s how long I’ve been running my own online businesses, and while the online landscape is completely different now than it was back when I started in 2009, there’s one thing that remains the same:

There is no one right way to build an online business.

Every single one is different. Even businesses in the same industry, that offer the same services, will have characteristics that differentiate them from any other business out there.

There are certainly best practices, strategies, and tactics that you can adopt to help you on your way.

However in the end, the thing that will make your online business succeed will be the way you combine all of those, plus your own personal experience, to create something unique.

In this post I’m going to review everything you need to know to start beginning to think about starting a business online. Understanding the basics is really important to making sure that you start the right business, or in many cases, helping you to understand if an online business is even the right path for you to take.”

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Done For You Blog Says: The key word in this blog post title is “think”. You may be thinking yourself out of starting a business. And it really does start in your head. If your brain says no, your feet won’t go. Often, all you need to do is just start taking action. Small steps. One thing at a time. Just get started.