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Do you struggle with self-doubt and depression? How does your work and ambition influence your mental state?

As entrepreneurs we are constantly struggling within ourselves – it is part of the calling. With what feels like more and more frequent news of high-profile suicides or overdoses, the topic of depression is becoming a bigger part of the conversation everyday. The conversation is an indispensable one.

In this episode, we tackle this sensitive but necessary discussion from the viewpoint of business owners, but really look at in a way that is relatable for almost anyone. The team discusses their own struggles and experiences of depression and then go on to unpack some of the ways they each manage these challenges.

We also talk about belonging and acceptance, exercise and diet and affirmation, all simple ways to give yourself a foot up. This is one of the least business-centered episodes of the show, but we promise it is not one to miss!

Listen to the full podcast here.

Done For You Blog Says: When I walk at my local walking track, I walk in the opposite direction of at least 99% of the other walkers. Someone decided that counter clock-wise is the normal way to walk there and that’s what the majority do. I like walking the other way, and that pretty much describes most entrepreneurs. We walk a different path from the rest of the work and it’s not “normal”. I think this comment from the podcast nails it: “As entrepreneurs we are constantly struggling within ourselves – it is part of the calling.” I know it’s an odd subject for business, but it’s important.