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“Building a blog is a lot like building a house. Minus the fact that building a house is way more difficult, labor intensive, and, oh yeah, super expensive. Building a blog from scratch requires you to really contemplate what you’re trying to accomplish and what you want this “thing” to look like. You should think of it like a construction project. Sure, you could just start building, but it’s not going to look as good as it would if you spent some time thinking through all the pieces you want to include, and why you want to include them.

Whether you’re just getting started blogging, or you’re like I was and you’re tired of doing it the wrong way, this article should help.

Before you can build an audience, spread your message, and make money, you have to learn the basics. So let’s start there.”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: You’ll find more than one “how to start a blog” article on this site because I believe in getting ideas from a variety of experts from different business fields. It’s your business, you pick the ideas and methods that work best for your particular area of interest and what fits your personality best.