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“This is a big topic around here. I’ve seen many automated content curation tools popup now and then. Most of these are targeted to the IM crowd and promise big things. You also have other tools like that claim content curation but are just veiled attempts at aggregation.

Our philosophy is different than many of these curation tools. We like to build tools that are one step below automation.

This drives our philosophy in not only what features we add to the base Curation Suite™ platform but also the types of features we add to the Listening Engine.

It’s when you add this content discovery (or listening platform) to the mix where things get a little murky and turn some content curation tools to the dark side.

Why some platforms turn to this automated curation model is simple and usually the argument is some form of “well we found content for you now let’s just automate the curating because that’s what you really want”…

It seldom is something that is executed correctly and I don’t see it getting any better in the current state of computer logic. One of the main reasons for this is…”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: Please notice, the article doesn’t say Curation never works. Only that completely automated curation doesn’t work. I know. Blog nirvana would be automated content popping into your blog every day, thousands of people visiting and reading your content, and your bank account filling up with affiliate commissions, ad revenue, and product sales. The only place that happens is in hyped up sales pages selling automated blog content software. Just doesn’t happen in the real world.

In the real world, Curation works great when done right. I do it here on Done For You Blog. It’s not automated at all. I do it all manually because I want to fully control the quality of the content my visitors see here. But you can use a combination of automated content generation and manual editing/commenting to provide a better experience for your visitors. You save them time by finding good content and then you enhance it by adding your own observations about it. They win and you get to establish a relationship with your readers.