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“You’ve worked hard to create an awesome product.

In fact, it’s so good that you are hoping it will sell itself. But, sadly it doesn’t.

It’s up to you to connect with your audience. So you put on your marketing cap (Did ya get that at the marketing store?)

It’s time to write emails, sales pages, blog articles, facebook adverts, heck — anything to try and reach your target market. You need good marketing collateral.

But there’s one consistent problem: no-one bothers reading it.

Your Facebook advert relevance score is sitting around 5 or 6, you’re getting less than 30% open rates on your emails, and the time-on-page report in Google Analytics shows that people are ditching your sales page in less than 8 seconds!

What are you doing wrong?!”

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Done For You Blog Says: The key is a trick so simple that it works. The acronym is P.A.S.. It’s an easy-to-remember formula that copywriters have been using for years. But sometimes something is so simple that we forget that it works. The author calls this the Fool-Proof Copywriting technique. I think you’ll agree…