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“Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and Sean started Location Rebel the easiest way to get into freelance writing was via something called SEO writing.

Basically, it was writing short 300-500 word articles that had a keyword in it for some company that was hoping to rank for that keyword. Hence the name, SEO (search engine optimization) writing.

But, Google got smart to that and decided that just blasting the interwebs with heaps of mediocre writing wasn’t actually the best way to go about things.

So, over the years, SEO writing has petered out. Yes, you can certainly still find people offering jobs for it on sites like UpWork, but for the most part, this isn’t the best way to get paid for freelance writing anymore.

Today, if you want to be a freelance writer and succeed at it, you’re going to be better off taking a different approach. This one doesn’t have to you stuck in low paying SEO writing jobs until the end of time.

Instead, you can start earning a real living wage writing about topics you like for clients you enjoy.

Sound good?

In this post, we’re going to tell you how to work as a freelance writer right now, in 2019.”

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Done For You Blog Says: Great article on how to get started in freelance writing. Liz covers a variety of writing options, like blogging, technical writing, copywriting, SEO writing, B2B writing and more. Plan to set aside some time to read the whole thing, or bookmark it for later reading. Lots of info and resources here.