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“To run a successful website, you need to plan ahead often. This means having a content marketing strategy that includes an editorial calendar. By implementing this, you’ll know exactly what type of content you’re going to publish and when, and will have an anchor for your future decisions.

As such, with an editorial calendar in place, running a blog becomes much simpler. In this article, we’ll talk about how your content marketing strategy and editorial calendar work together. Then we’ll break down the benefits of the latter and talk about how to get started with one. Let’s get to work!

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

An editorial calendar can be a part of your content market strategy, but it shouldn’t be its only component – despite the focus of this article. In broad terms, your strategy should contemplate all the types of content you generate.

If you run a blog, your content marketing strategy will focus on posts. If it’s a YouTube channel, it’ll be all about video, and so on. You can, of course, tackle multiple types of contents within your strategy as well.

A clear-cut strategy should provide you and your team with the guidance they need on who to target content towards and how to market it. To put it another way, it should answer the following questions:”

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Done For You Blog Says: Editorial calendar is a fancy way of saying “get your content organized”. This article is geared more for heavy-content blogs and blogs that make use of teams of writers. Still, it’s a good idea to learn how to plan your content and take some the stress off yourself.
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