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“The very first step to becoming a blogger is to figure out what you want to blog about.

This is often referred to as picking your “niche”.

Even if you know what that means (and many don’t) the decision can be a challenge because you realize it’s a critical juncture that will either set you up for success or cause you lots of wasted time.

What if you pick a niche that doesn’t have a big audience? What if there are too many competing blogs about the same subject?

For some, a bigger concern is that they might choose a subject that can’t generate any money.

There’s a lot of bad advice out there, too.

Some “experts” will tell you to target a specific niche simply because they made money in that same one so then you should be able to do the same.

That’s the absolute wrong way to go about making this choice!”

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Done For You Blog Says: Making money is not a dirty word. Ok, that’s two words. You’re likely starting a blog or online business to generate income, so are you in a niche that can produce the income you desire? Erica’s article is full of great tips for finding the right niche that not only interests you, but can produce income from your efforts.