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“One of the first pieces of advice you’ll hear from almost every blogger is “Find a niche.” It’s fantastic advice, but if you don’t have any experience blogging, then choosing a niche blind can be incredibly difficult. Never mind picking one that has real monetization potential.

Ideally, you’ll have some experience as a blogger before you try to make any money from it. The easiest way to get to that point is to start a blog and get to writing about anything that comes to mind while trying to build an audience.

In this article, we’ll talk about why niches are so important and how to blog if you don’t have one. Then we’ll go over some fun ideas for a personal blog so you can get to work on yours right away. Let’s jump right in!”

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Done For You Blog Says: As the article states, everybody and their brother tells you that you have to have a niche before you can start blogging. That may be ideal, but it also may be unrealistic. My favorite take-away in this article: “If you want to start a blog but are having problems choosing a niche, I recommend you try your hand at just writing about whatever you want for a while. Blogging without a niche, even just for fun, can help you develop key skills…”