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“Do you know how long it takes for people to decide whether they’re staying on your website?

Probably less time than it took you to read the headline and this sentence.

Are you still here?

Over the years, various studies have shown that it takes anywhere from 15 to 5 seconds for people to make that decision. Having strong copy on the area above the fold is important, but your website design matters just as much. What your website looks like upon first glance can have a big impact on whether visitors decide to explore or keep it moving.

Though websites are always evolving, these web design best practices lay a great foundation. Keep these 9 best practices in mind when designing your pages and then optimize until you’ve found your personal web design success strategy. You’ve got this!”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: Good tips here, especially #5, which has nothing to do with anything technical. That tip alone can change the way your visitors think of you and you just may end up with not only a customer but a friend who’s a customer. Some of my favorite sites that I visit feel like friends to me even though I’ve never met them.
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