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“If you are interested in making sales, driving traffic to your website, list building or affiliate marketing, then you probably know the importance of a great headline.

It’s often been said that the ability to write great headlines is the most important skill in all of copywriting. That might be true.

After all, unless you have a great headline your selling message won’t get read.

This applies to almost any form of advertising or marketing you do, including. but not limited to …

  • Solo ads.
  • All email subject lines.
  • Classified ads.
  • Sales letters.
  • Lead magnet report names.
  • Squeeze pages.
  • Blog post titles.
  • Social media posts and ads.
  • Basically, anytime you communicate with the public.

In the email marketing and solo advertising business, we often talk about the “hierarchy” of a great email ad.

That’s just a fancy way to say that any email ad, especially a solo ad, must have three key elements in order to be effective.

And by effective, I mean profitable. After all, the reason you are here is to build your business, right?

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Done For You Blog Says: This is one of those very useful posts that could have been sold as a report. The ability to write great headlines is worth its weight in gold. Charlie Page is a master headline writer with many years of experience under his belt. Take advantage of his hard work on this guide and print it out as a cheat sheet for your own quick headline writing.