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Posted by Dairrell Ham | 
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“Last weekend I was re-reading through The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk and I realized that most bloggers start off with the wrong intentions.

Most people focus in the beginning on how they can make their first dollar online. Oh, how wrong that is!

This, more often than not, leads to spammy tactics like covering their website with advertisements and using pop-ups to get people to sign-up for their mailing list which in turn scares away potential fans before they even read a single word of their content.

When all you are focusing on is monetization you are failing to take the first essential step towards getting people to trust you enough online to spend money: start a relationship with as many visitors as possible.”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: Whoa! Don’t let that headline be a turn-off. There’s real logic behind it even if you don’t initially agree. (But it doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t make money your first six months online.) I think once you read the article you’ll see why it makes perfect sense.