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Resources to Help Build Your Online Business Faster, Smarter

Posted by Dairrell Ham | 
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“The continual growth of ecommerce is an attractive pursuit for entrepreneurs—with affordable startup costs and access to the nearly 2 billion online shoppers. Yet, it requires a thoughtful approach to persuade people to click that checkout button. We’ve put together some insights to help you build your online brand.

We looked at 100s of ecommerce sites to distill down what the optimal structure for a successful online store is. The most important pages we discovered are the Homepage, Products, Our Story, and FAQ. We’ll dig into the product pages in a bit.”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: This is not an indepth article that goes into tons of details, but I liked it because it’s a nice “cheatsheet” of sorts that outlines the components of a good ecommerce business.