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“This week I want to talk about creating a product for your blog.

Last month I talked about my various profit streams, and how nearly a third of my profits come from product sales. And that’s obviously one good reason to create and sell products – it’s a great way to monetize your blog.

But there’s another reason you should do it that goes beyond money. But before I get into that I want to tell you a little story.

A tale of two buskers

A while back my family and I were enjoying a beach vacation up in the northern parts of Australia. One night, while we were enjoying a refreshing ice cream, we came across two street performers (or ‘buskers’ as we call them here in Australia).

The first one was playing a guitar and singing, he had his guitar case open in front of him to collect loose change from passers-by. Our kids nagged us to stop and listen (they’re fascinated by street performers), and so we did. He was a good singer and a great guitar player, and we left a couple of dollars in change before moving on.”

Read the whole thing here.
Done For You Blog Says: The biggest takeaway for me in this article is the credibility factor resulting from having your own products. You’ll also learn a few new skills along the way and that’s always a good thing.