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“When a WordPress website is loaded, it runs on code. Once upon a time, that code was strictly HTML. Now, it’s a few different things, typically CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

That’s the front-of-the-house, though. The waitstaff that all visitors see. Back-of-the-house runs a bit differently; there are different cooks in the kitchen, and they influence a little bit of everything.

When it comes to WordPress, the programming language PHP is what’s really running the show. You’ll find PHP in everything from your WordPress dashboard (back end) to your website page templates (front end). PHP is also in your plugins, your theme… basically, your website doesn’t exist without it.”

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Done For You Blog Says: Ironically, I just had an issue with the PHP version affecting a plugin on one of my client sites yesterday. They use a different hosting company than I do and their PHP version was out of date. My client’s site was displaying a blank white page, and after a little troubleshooting, I figured out that it was the PHP version that was whacking a plugin. I updated the PHP on their server and all is well. It’s not hard to do and this article will show you how to do it, step by step.