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“Readers often ask us, what’s better for SEO: categories vs tags?

You might not be sure what WordPress categories and tags actually are, and how they’re different. Knowing this can help you use them correctly.

In this article, we’ll explain the differences between categories vs tags for organizing your content, and how they can impact SEO rankings.

What’s the Difference Between Categories and Tags?

Categories are meant for broad grouping of your posts. Think of these as general topics or the table of contents for your WordPress site. Categories are hierarchical which means you can create sub-categories.

Tags are meant to describe specific details of your posts. Think of these as your site’s index words. They let you micro-categorize your content. Tags are not hierarchical.”

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Done For You Blog Says: This is one of the great strengths of WordPress. It’s a powerful way to organize your content online. Your visitors will thank you for making it easy for them to find the content they’re looking for. But you need to use categories and tags wisely and efficiently. I like to keep my categories to a minimum while using tags extensively. And if you’re using a page builder like Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer, you can actually create custom pages just for your categories and tags.
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