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“Sometimes, you’ll start a project you’re passionate about, only to drop it halfway through. It’s always sad, but it happens to a lot of people, and it’s often due to compelling reasons. However, in other cases, the roadblocks are solely in our own heads, which can keep us from accomplishing our goals.

For this reason, learning how to finish what you start is essential to cultivate success. Even if your projects fail, you’ll learn something by seeing them through. In this article, we’ll talk about why committing to something can be difficult, then we’ll go over some tips to help you finish what your start.”

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Done For You Blog Says: Guilty as charged. I suffer from the twin diseases of “too-many-ideas-itis” and perfectionism. Done For You Blog almost didn’t get launched because I was trying to get everything perfect and couldn’t get stuff finished. I finally slogged my way through and I can tell you there’s nothing like the feeling of getting something completed, finished, done.