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“Think about the problems in your life. Are you anxious or stressed on a regular basis because you’re miserable at work? Do you feel sick from unhealthy foods or hate what you see in the mirror? At the end of the week, is your energy depleted because you’ve spent too much time making other people happy?

In all of these situations, you’re avoiding discomfort. Having a discussion with your boss, changing careers or raising your rates means upheaval will follow. Adapting your shopping list to only include healthy foods, then learning to prepare those foods and training yourself to like them feels like a job. Saying “no” to people you love makes you feel guilty.

Here’s the thing, though: right now, you’re already uncomfortable. You’re just less uncomfortable with what you’ve been living with than you will be if you make changes. All you’re doing is choosing between two levels of discomfort. The level you’re choosing is in the basement and there’s not an elevator up. At least the other level gets some sunlight.

What you should fear is growing more used to the discomfort you’ve been sitting in for months.”

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Done For You Blog Says: The actual title of this article is misleading. “How Sitting in Discomfort Can Push You to Do Your Best Work”. It’s not about sitting at all. I think the author meant to say “being in discomfort” or something like that. Anyway, it’s still a good article so go ahead and head over to read the whole thing.