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“How do we figure out what we should make in our business? How can we tell if that product is going to be viable and profitable?

What are the main things to consider in this stage of your business journey, where you need to make some big leaps?

Going from the planning stages into production and actual business is obviously scary, it can also be massively exciting and really is the first time you get to share your work with the world. That being said, care and caution must be taken when putting yourself out there, more so in aid of building towards the future than protecting your ego.

In this episode we situate this topic in the larger series that we have been running about your business roadmap. We talk about how this section of work is the meaty and juicy centre of your business; after planning and before everything else. We discuss essentials such as minimal viable products, feedback and criticism and the factors that go into big decisions.

We also talk about how to really approach solving a problem for people and how a service can be a great way to enter a market and build towards more products in the future. So for all that, be sure to join us on the Fizzle Show!”

Listent to the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: This podcast is really aimed at product creators so if your focus is content marketing or affiliate marketing, you may want to skip it. Of course, the experts say you should be creating your own product at some point so it’s worth a few minutes of your time to listen in for future consideration.