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“Today’s writers don’t have to choose between managing a blog or writing a book. They can do both, and each effort can help the other. For many bloggers, taking the leap to write a book is a natural next step (take a look at this Goodreads list of “Popular Blog Turned Book Books”).
It’s an upward move that makes sense and they’ve already crossed two barriers to entry: bloggers can write and they’ve built a following thanks to their writing. Also, altogether they may have already written a book’s worth of content. Here are three reasons to turn a blog into a book:”
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Done For You Blog Says: If you’re new to blogging and online marketing, consider yourself blessed. You’re at the right time and right place where everything is so much easier than when I started. Want to create a book from your blog content? Check out this article for great tips. Heck, you can even make your own videos now from your already written blog content.