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“Every year millions of people start new blogs with dreams of making an income to help support their family or to just pursue something they love. But, as we know, a massive portion of those blogs fail in the first year.

So when should we give up on a blog? How do we know that this isn’t as good as it’s going to get in terms of traffic, subscribers and earnings? And when do we throw in the towel and just cut our losses and run?

My thoughts…?

Don’t give up on your blog just yet…”

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Done For You Blog Says: I just read a great quote today by Beth Hornback that goes right along with this. She said, “Inconsistent diligence is still diligence.” I think a lot of people just starting out as bloggers think they have to adhere to some kind of regular schedule or they’re not being serious enough. Just get your blog out there and work on it when you can. Doing something, even if it’s inconsistently, will move you forward.