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Posted by Dairrell Ham | 
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“The Internet allows us to do almost anything we want whenever we want. We can research any topic, buy whatever we want, do banking or our taxes, educate ourselves, and so much more. It’s a 24-hour buffet of possibility.

However, along with these new means, the web has also increased our risk. First of all, it has created a space where anyone can put out any information they want.

In addition to that, there is the issue of keeping your private information secure. Phishing emails, people who hack your website and other dangers have given us all collective trust issues. We are more concerned about online privacy than ever (even if that concern doesn’t always translate into appropriate actions).

For that reason, building trust online is one of the most central challenges of running a website. To help you do so, in this article we will look at reasons why people might not trust your website and what you can do about it. The goal is to help you understand what it takes to make your audience and customers feel safe on your WordPress site.”

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Done For You Blog Says: There’s enough competition out there already without forced errors on your part. Building trust is a work in progress, but you can add these quick fixes to speed things up a bit.