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“Image Optimization begins with choosing the best file format for your needs. This goes beyond PNG vs. JPEG. There is not one file format to rule them all.

Everyone’s image needs are different, even the different images within a single site have different requirements. But no worries, we got you covered.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how to choose the best image format for your WordPress site. We’ll go over the old favorites, JPEG, PNG and GIFs and some of the next-gen ones like WebP and SVG. We’ll cover their strengths, weaknesses and ideal use cases so you can optimize your images like a pro. I also put together a downloadable PDF cheat sheet for you to be able to refer to!”

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Done For You Blog Says: I was recently doing some work on a customer’s website to make the site faster loading and more secure. The first test at was horrible, with some of the slowest page loading times I’ve seen. The main culprits were several PNG files that were absolutely huge in file size. I reduced the image sizes to where they should be for that particular blog and converted the images to JPG. Just fixing those images alone resulted in a considerable improvement in the page loading speed. It may not be the most exciting subject to spend time on, but it could make a huge difference in keeping visitors on your site longer.