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“You do amazing work for a client, and then you don’t hear anything back.

Did they like your work? Was it good enough? Are they telling your friends about it?

We want the answers to be yes, yes, and yes. But even after you’ve created great work for a client, and they’re beyond happy with you and your work, how do you get them to provide a testimonial or a review?

Turning clients who love your work into clients who will publicly talk about your work can be a challenge. Most people don’t leave reviews by nature, but they do read them. It turns out you need to help your clients learn how to write great reviews, just like you’ve helped them with so many other things.”

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Done For You Blog Says: I’m pretty good at offering compliments at restaurants and local businesses when I receive great service. But I often take online businesses for granted for some reason. I guess it’s because things move so fast online that we don’t take a few minutes to let a business owner know we appreciate their good customer service. Not only will you make their day by telling them how much you like their product or service, you’ll feel great about telling them so.