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“Just as with any other job, there are a lot of bad habits people can fall into when it comes to blogging. For example, if you only write or publish content when you feel like it, you’ll never be able to cultivate an audience, and your blog won’t gain any traction.

That’s just one of many potential mistakes you can make when it comes to running your blog. The good news is, if you know what the most common blogging pitfalls are, you’ll be able to avoid them. That way, you can maximize your chances of growing a successful blog.

In this article, I’m going to talk to you about four bad blogging habits you need to avoid (or break out of). We’ll dig into why they can hurt your blog and how to prevent them, so let’s get right to it!”

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Done For You Blog Says: A quick read from Alexander Cordova to remind you of bad blogging habits to avoid. The tip on scheduling is worth the read alone.