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“What are gig economy jobs? Can entrepreneurs cleverly utilize these opportunities to help them along their own journey? Can you find a gig that suits your needs or skills that can help supplement your dream business?

Spoiler alert: PROBABLY!

Today we are unpacking the exciting new world that is opening up for anybody interested; introducing the gig economy! This might be Uber or Lyft, Airbnb or Upwork, there are new services and platforms every day that you could be using to make a little extra money and boost your hustle.

In this episode, our focus is finding the right gig for your skills and needs in order to stay afloat while you keep your entrepreneurial dreams alive. There are many ways to skin this cat but the simplest might be to just use these gigs as a means to a financial end in the interim with your own business.

We talk about why these gigs are usually so much better than a day-job you hate, potential drawbacks of this marketplace, the paradox of the gig economy and more!”

Listen to the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: In our daydreams, we would start a business on Monday and be rich by Friday. In the real world, you have to eat and pay bills till your dream business provides enough stable income that you can do that full time. The Fizzle group offers some good ideas for avoiding the typical J.O.B. path by discussing “gig” opportunities that allow you to be your own boss while you’re working on your dream business idea.