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“Do you wish you could make steady income from your blog?

Maybe your advertising revenue has peaks and troughs. Sure, it’s great to have that chunk of money come in during the holiday season. But when it’s only trickling in the rest of the time it can be frustrating.

Maybe you run a couple of ebook sales each year, which create only a short-term boost in sales. Or perhaps the money you make from promoting affiliate products isn’t consistent.

One great option for earning an ongoing monthly income – especially if your blog is fairly well established and you’ve tried other income streams – is to create a membership site.”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: Why yes! Who wouldn’t want loads of monthly income rolling in on a regular basis? I have several friends who have their own monthly memberships and it’s a good gig when it works right. But it is a lot of work and does take time to set up. Darren’s article lays out what’s involved in getting a successful membership up and running, and more importantly, how to make it profitable.