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“Not a discovery: design is getting more and more human. Finally, we design rather for living people than robots (Hey, SEO!). Copyright and microcopies, chatbots — they aren’t for a tick anymore, but for better interactions between you, your product and the user.

The 404 page, which is my today’s emphasis, is another stop on the Jedi’s path to ultimate user-oriented approach. It starts with a nice trend, but primarily reverses a negative effect, where the user feels frustrated with the way the website behaves — as well as gives a clear understanding of where to click next. Or haven’t you ever shut a 404 tab with ‘Ey, whatever, not this time?'”

Read and listen to the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: Ok. I’m guilty of this like million of others. I mean, with all of the other stuff you need to do on your blog, do you really want to spend time on designing a nice 404 error page? This article says you should and it makes a lot of sense after you read it. The author provides useful examples and screenshots of cleverly constructed 404 pages to give you some ideas for your own error page.