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“Audacity is one of the top audio editing apps available today. Part of the reason for that, is that it’s free to download and use because it’s open source. The other part is that it’s powerful and fully capable of putting together professional audio just as well as Adobe Audition or Apple’s Pro Tools. Regardless of your experience as a podcaster, knowing how to edit a podcast in Audacity is a skill you’ll want to work on. We want to walk you through the basics of the program, and also show you some best practices so that your audio is as crisp and clean as anything else you pipe through your headphones from a major studio.

Getting Started Learning How to Edit a Podcast in Audacity

Regardless of your platform, Audacity has a release for it. The developers consistently update the clients for Mac, Windows, and Linux, which is also another benefit to using this one over a different audio editor. You will have the same options and same UI regardless of where you’re working. If you’re a podcaster on the go, that’s a pretty fantastic perk.”

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Done For You Blog Says: Audacity has been around as long as I can remember. And it’s always been free! I’ve tried a lot of editing apps over the years, but it’s hard to beat the power and features of Audacity. But, like anything, there is a learning curve. The good news is you’ll only need 20% of the features 80% of the time for doing basic podcasting. This article is a shortcut on how to use Audacity specifically for podcasting.