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“One of the most sought after video effects that we use in our Thrive Themes tutorial videos is the Bubble Effect.

With it, you can use your computer screen to teach while showing off your personality in front of the camera at the same time.

Historically however, deploying the Bubble Effect has had one big drawback: it required costly video editing software to pull off (Adobe Premiere CC).

But now for some¬†good news: there’s a cool new tool available to you (that doesn’t require money and a massive learning curve) to get the Bubble Effect in your videos.

In fact, not only does this new solution give you the ability to create the Bubble Effect in your tutorial videos for free, but also allows you to use it in your Livestreamstoo!

Interested in learning exactly how to do that?”

Watch the video tutorial here.

Done For You Blog Says: You could also call this picture-in-picture effect too. If you’re doing video and want to show yourself talking in a small rounded window while you’re doing a tutorial or presentation, Shane shows you how to do that with free software.