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“HTML is the foundation of pretty much everything on the internet. It is the cornerstone on which internet content is built, and it has been for decades. Without a solid understanding of HTML, everything you do with WordPress or any other web design and development will be stunted. Lucky for you, there is a slew of basic HTML codes that every WordPress user from beginner to veteran uses on a near-daily basis. Let’s break them down and get you up to speed.”
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Done For You Blog Says: If you’re just starting out, and just learning about HTML, you’re lucky. Why? Because you only need to know a few basic HTML codes to know what you need to know. Those of us who have been around for a long time on the web had to know HTML inside and out, and often had to build sites manually using cryptic HTML code, CSS, PHP, etc. Now it’s mostly point and click, drag and drop. So count yourself fortunate that you only need to learn a few basic HTML codes to get by now.