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“Affiliate marketing is a time-tested approach to monetizing your blog. If you’re patient enough to break into a profitable niche and build up an audience, it can earn you a decent bit of money. However, to succeed in the first place, you need to find an affiliate program that’s a good fit.

For most people new to affiliate marketing, Amazon Associates is an excellent bet. It’s one of the most popular programs around, and buyers know and trust Amazon, which can help drive more sales. However, joining their affiliate program requires you to do some prep work.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Amazon Associates compares to other similar affiliate programs. Then we’ll go over three steps to becoming a part of it. Let’s get you set up!”

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Done For You Blog Says: The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 was a boon for Amazon and other online sellers and it’s likely changed the way many people shop forever. It’s sad because I’ve always tried to support local small businesses. And hopefully we’ll always have the need for local business owners. But the pandemic pushed a lot of people to online shopping that may not have been as enthusiastic before. So adding Amazon products to your website can be a way to earn extra income while providing your visitors with a convenient way to shop online.