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“In the summer of 2013, I nearly lost one of my best friends to “workahol”, you know, the stuff that workaholics are addicted to.

He was suffering in silence as a “Lost Warrior”, grinding away night and day, never asking his family for help, never willing to have the difficult conversations with his passive-aggressive staff members that made his business harder to run, not easier.

My friend’s name – Bedros Keuilian. And one morning while he was alone at home, he bent over to tie his shows and when he stood up a full-blown anxiety attack overcame him. He gasped for air, clutched at his heart, and doubled over. He felt near-death and (unwisely) drove himself to the hospital.

Within a couple of hours he was discharged, told to slow down, and yet he went straight back to workout to continue his burnout and hid this horrible moment from his family for years.

He was lucky.

But if you go through this, you might suffer a different fate.

Eventually, Bedros decided to Man-Up (his words, and the title of his Wall Street Journal best-selling book that has helped tens of thousands of men and women take back control of their lives).

Bedros and I have spent dozens of hours talking about the changes that both and he and I made after our eerily similar anxiety attacks. And we put together this list so that you never have to suffer the same stressful fate as us.

Put these in place immediately and you’ll find the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders, and even better, your life and business will soon become better.”

Read the whole thing here.

Done For You Blog Says: It’s not a weakness to admit to fear, anxiety and overwhelm. But it can become your weakness if you allow it to defeat you. Craig Ballantyne is a calm voice of reason and he offers seven tips here that you’ll find helpful and reassuring.